lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2009

Miss Teenager 2009 to be crowned October 15th
Miss Teenager 2009 to be crowned October 15th
This year's international event will take place in El Salvador

MISS TEENAGER: The contest of the Teenage Dreams

After only two years since the creation of a different proposal for a teenage beauty contest, “Miss Teenager” has started to move on giant steps. The first edition took place in 2008 at the heart of the Mayan World, Guatemala; it was here where the Miss Teenage contest began. The young winner was Lorelei Cornejo (Miss Teen Peru 2008), who won the title of Miss Teenager 2008.

The Teen representatives from Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Puerto Rico, joined Peru among the first positions.

During one week, the 20 contestants travelled around the Central American country, learning about all of its cultural and architectural wonders; attended various events which included parades, dinners and even took part at a Diplomatic Breakfast, where each of them was able to meet the Ambassadors from their respective countries.


Intermodel Organization believes in the idea of finding an integral beauty queen, motivated by her personal improvement, and by an incredible charisma that would enable her to become a role model for children and youth. Promoting new faces for the fashion market and runways, and perhaps, reforming the concept of youth beauty competitions worldwide, with the purpose of inspiring this youth to achieve their goals while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


The contest –now in its second edition, 2009- will feature beautiful young ladies from all over the world who will arrive in El Salvador beginning October 9th. They will travel across the country as part of an agenda of activities organized by the local organization, government institutions and diplomatic groups from “El Pulgarcito de America” –America’s Tiny Country-, host country for the year 2009.

The event is being produced under the supervision of Mr. Tony Berganza, owner of the contest, and the direction of Yesenia Mena, from the advertising company Young and Rubicam.

The Final Gala will take place on Thursday, October 15th and will be taped and broadcasted by Channel 12, during a majestic event, with the direction of famous Venezuelan director Luis Anguizones, and the contestants will wear outfits by Salvadorean designer Carlos Herrera.

The successor of Peruvian Lorelei Cornejo –our 2008 winner-, will take the crown valued in USD $1000.00, a cash prize of $4000.00 and another $4000.00 in prizes from our sponsors.


The contest’s objective is to establish itself as the most important among teenagers. With constant work and and endless search for quality, the young winner elected next October, will give up her crown in the most important tourist destiny in the Mayan Riviera, the wonderful city of Cancun; with the participation of 70 delegates from all over the world.